Pre-School at St Saviour's Pre-School at St. Saviour's 
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Pre-School at St Saviour's


'GOOD' Ofsted Rating - June 2018 

Spaces available for Autumn 2018 


Our Team

St Saviours




 Sally Martin and Jeanette Samuel (left to right) - The Owners

Karen Dobson - Pre-School Assistant and joined in November 2006

Kaleigh Parsons - Pre-School Assistant (Studying for Level 3) and joined in September 2017

Ruth Williams - Pre-School Practitioner (Level 3) and joined in November 2009

Sharon Sumpter - Pre-School Practitioner (Level 3) and joined in September 2004

Sarah Tavener - Pre-School Practitioner (Level 3) and joined September 2018