Frequently Asked Questions

When is St Saviour’s Pre-School Open?

During term time we are open from 9.00 – 12.00pm, with options to do early birds and lunch club.  Afternoons are available on Monday, wednesday and Thursdays. We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays, Bank Holidays and school holidays. 

How is the session organised?

The children arrive at pre-school and hang up their coats and bags. Then they place their lunch boxes on the table and select their name badger off the door. The children are then encouraged to self select an activity and free flow play begins. Snack time is usually about 10.30am. Free flow play continues until lunchtime when the children are encouraged to help tidy up. Then the children have their lunch. After lunch the children free flow play starts again and enjoy a circletime of stories, singing or dancing and then it is home time.

What do I do if my child is sick?

Please telephone or text pre-school to let us know your child will not be attending on the first day of illness. If your child is sick and has a communicable illness we are not permitted to admit your child into the setting while they are contagious. We do not have any facilities in which we can care for a sick child. It is important that you have alternative arrangements for the care of your child when they are sick such as a grandparent or a friend.

If I am concerned about my child, can I ring the Pre-School?

Yes, if you have any concerns or questions we welcome telephone calls from parents / carers at anytime during the session.

Who can collect my child from Pre-School and what if I am running late?

Only nominated people are able to collect a child from pre-school. In the entrance hall is a form which needs to be filled in if somebody other than the main carer is picking up your child. We will not release a child to anyone without first being told either via a phone call or the form.

In an emergency we will hold staff on to look after you child. It is vital that you alert us to your problem ASAP so that we can make timely arrangements.

If my child has an injury will I be told?

Yes, if your child receives any injury, no matter how minor, you will always be told. All injuries are recorded in an accident book and will identify the accident, the injury, what treatment was carried out and the staff member dealing with it. You will be asked to sign that you have seen the entry and that you are content with how the matter was handled.

Do you have policies and procedures?

Yes and parents are strongly advised to read them. These can be accessed on this website on the parents page or viewed upon request at the Pre-School.

Emergency Closure

In the event of an emergency closure, St. Saviour’s will contact 96.4 Eagle’s web site to announce the closure and it will appear on this website and on our Facebook Group and Page.

Can I pay using childcare vouchers?

Yes, you may use childcare vouchers to pay. Please ask a member of staff for more details.

Can I pay by bank transfer?

Yes, please ask a member of staff for more details.